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"Frigid Heights"

Visit the icy regions of Holoska, climb snowy mountains, and view the towering ice caps.

1. Limestone Cave   2. Cool Edge (Night)   3. Ice Cap Zone   4. White Acropolis   5. Ice Mountain Zone Act 3   6. Holoska (Night)   7. Snowy Mountain   8. Holoska (Day)    9.Cool Edge (Day)


"Aquatic Depths"

Plunge into ancient underwater cities and admire the depths, but be careful not to drown.

1. Drowning   2. Tidal Tempest   3. Hydrocity Zone Act 2   4. Aquatic Ruin Zone    5. Labyrinth Zone   6. Aquarium Park Act 1   7. Tidal Tempest "P" Mix   8. Hidden Palace Zone    9. Dive Into the Mellow


"Emerald Seaside"

Adventures by the emerald coasts of San Fransisco.

1. Azure Blue World   2. It Doesn't Matter (SA2)   3. Windy and Ripply   4. We Can    5. Seaside Hill   6. Escape From the City   7. Rumbling Highway   8. Believe in Myself (SA2)    9. Ocean Palace    10. Ready (JxJ)


"Palmtree Resort"

Relax at the beach and feel the sunshine.

1. A New Venture   2. Can You Feel the Sunshine?   3. Palmtree Panic "G" Mix   4. Juice Archipelago    5. Sea Map   6. Data Select (Sonic 3)   7. Windmill Isle (Day)   8. Tropical Resort    9. Door Into Summer    10. End of Summer


"Rouge Diamonds"

Follow the world-renowned jewel thief on her escapades, but don't forget to also visit her popular casino.

1. Fly in the Freedom   2. Owl Lights   3. Bright Sound   4. Skyscraper Scamper    5. I'm A Spy   6. Club Rouge   7. Casino Night   8. The Dreamy Stage    9. Marble Zone (Jazz Ballad)


Art CD

  • Product includes:

    • A blank CD with a print of my original traditional painting
    • A transparent jewel case with a case slip that has the tracklist
    • A QR code with the link to the corresponding Youtube playlist
  • If your CD arrives broken or damaged you will be issued a full refund. Unfortunately, due to limited inventory, I will most likely be unable to replace your item at this time, I'm very sorry.

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